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From the casual non competition hobbyist who’s looking for the ultimate   martial arts training while having fun and staying healthy, to the  youth  programs building discipline courage, respect and improved  cognitive  and physical development, to the serious  competitor looking  to take  their game to the next level,  for regional and / or  international  tournaments,  Northstar Martial Arts has a program and a  curriculum that  works for anyone and everyone.

Focusing   on the physical, technical and tactical aspects. In a definable   language format that can be conveyed to anyone regardless of their   previous skill set or athletic ability.

Salem, OR

About Salem, Oregon

History of Salem

The City of Salem dates its founding from the year of 1840 When Jason Lee tried a second attempt at a Methodist Mission in the Oregon Country.

Due to high river waters from original location, Jason relocated the headquarters of the Oregon Mission to where the Willamette River & Mill Creek converge (an area in the north of what is referred to today as downtown Salem.) 

Disgruntled with their endeavors to try and “convert & educate” the few natives, the missionaries detected their efforts over to developing a town site and land lots to finance the Salem Oregon Institution.

Later to become the Willamette University college , the first university in the new West.

The platting of the new town, originally refused to as Chemeketa and later Salem, which both mean "place of peace,"

 Although is was the territorial capital by 1851, Salem did not officially become the capital of Oregon until 1855, The delay was in regards to complaints by Marysville (now Corvallis.)

Salem expanded at a slow rate during the mid nineteenth century and the neighborhood was described as small community.

 The stone capitol building was built in 1876, and other county & state structures followed. The city of Salem eventually turned into the hub of the state governmentThe twentieth century brought more growth. 

Today, Salem is designated as one of the most populated cities in Oregon.

Geographical info about Salem

Salem is the capital city of Oregon and lies at the center of the beautiful Willamette  Valley. Salem OR, is a city home to over 162,000 residents over 47 square miles of land, located an hour from the Cascade mountains to the east and an hour from the ocean beaches to the west.

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West Salem, OR

About West Salem, Oregon

History of West Salem

In 1889 a plat for for the area known as  “West Salem” was filed, and the city was incorporated in 1913.
In 1949, the city officially merged with the rest of the city of Salem.

The first pioneers settled in the West Salem area in 1849 on the shore of the Willamette below the mouth of LeCreole Creek, now called Rickreall Creek, with the platting of a town called Cincinnati.

T. H. Hutchinson officially surveyed the community to be know as ‘West Salem’ in the future back in 1855, defining the legal borders of the town and naming it Eola.

Eola was a thriving community for several years, and in 1853 the first teacher at Eola's one-room schoolhouse was Abigail Scott.
The largest flood of the Willamette River on record occurred in 1861, causing many of Salems residents to evacuate.
The next significant flood occurred in 1890 causing most of the Salem and West Salem’s  buildings to be destroyed by the flood.
At about the same time the less hilly farm land north of Eola was subdivided into West Salem addition. Orchards and hop fields covered the undeveloped land. 

West Salem's first passenger train arrived in 1909. The regular train service began a couple of mounts after with a kerosene powered motor  referred to as the McKeen car, nicknamed "The Skunk" because of its exhaust fumes. The locomotive  depot was built in                      1909 and in 1913 a railroad bridge was built across the Willamette river.

In 1912, the first major grocery stores began appearing  the area.

 One of the first canneries was owned by Bruce Cunningham;  then later was named the Blue Lake Cannery.

 One of the first canneries was owned by Bruce Cunningham;  then later ws named the Blue Lake Cannery. 1964, which was ranked as a  “a 100-year flood” by FEMA and to be one of the most damaging floods, not just in Salem but in Oregon's history. The Christmas flood of 1964 caused over  $150 million in damage, and 20 Oregonians tragically lost their lives.

In 1913. West Salem folks voted to approve a city charter.
The West Salem City Hall, and the sewer system, were Public Works projects during the 1930s Depression. In 1949, the city voted to become a part of the City of Salem.

Geographical info about West Salem

West Salem is a neighborhood within Salem Oregon. Located in the far northwest part of the city. On the west side of the Willamette River.

West Salem is the only part of Salem located in Polk County. This neighborhood is separated off from the rest of Salem by the Willamette River, which is West Salem's southeast border. The great business districts of West Salem are located on Wallace Rd & Edgewater St. 

In 2012, the part of West Salem that is within Polk County had a population of 24,183. But now is home to many more.

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